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At the entrance of the village there is the "Bridge of Sighs", which was built in 1960. Said that there was bloodshed after unrest between residents and other neighboring villages.

Then there is the "mill Mustafa", one of the seven (7) mills of the valley, who come from other villages to grind their grain. Even in front of the mill there is a 520 year old pine.

At the edge of the village there is the abandoned monastery of Panagia Chrysogialiotissa built in the 12th century AD, whose church is a tomb was built - one of the three churches of this architecture. In the monastery survived some paintings. There is also the church of St. George of 1600 AD - Under restoration-the church of Agios Mamas and half a kilometer from the dense forest called "Pochalantra" the church of St. Nicholas in the 12th century.

Additionally, Gialia features a football stadium which was created to train the team of two villages, Agia Marina and Pano Gialia, "FINIKAS". In the future, within the village will be created and Nature Trail .

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