Afelia ( pork with wine , oregano and  coniander )

Stifado ( beestew with onions )

Kaourmas (stew with potatoes ,vegetables and lamb meat)

Cyprus meatball

Dolmades (Stuffed wine leafs or other vegetables )

Meat meze ( Appetizers,salad , haloumi , sausages , mixed meat on the grill and others )

On the grill

Kebab( Pork or Chiken)

Chiken filet

Lamb chops

Souvla (Grilled skewer meat )

Kleftiko ( oven made lamb freshly only on Fridays )


Tsipoura on  the grill ( sea bream)


Greek Salad

Green salad

Tomato salad

Milos chef salad

Tuna salad

Seafood  salad


( Haloumi ,feta cheese,tzatziki ,houmous ,taxini ,olivies ,saganaki with haloumi or fetta , tomatoes with eggs ,potatoes with   eggs and oregano, mussels , grilled king prawns )


If you want some souvla or kleftiko  with a phone any day, we can make.